Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Vernal Equinox 2015

12" x 16" Oil on Panel
Whatever the season, I enjoy spending time outdoors. But there have been some years, especially after a hard winter, when I've wandered around outside on the first day of spring hunting for promises of more pleasant weather ahead. A small flower, a sprig of new green, even a live insect could lift my spirits. This year, after a mild winter, spring seems to have sprung before I had much time to notice it coming. This week I headed out past the west side of town and made a painting of Mount Timpanogos (shown above). It feels like painting season is coming early, too!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Contrasting Portrait Sketches

13" x 10" Pastel on Gray Paper
Here's a couple from last weeks portrait sessions. The drawing directly above is from Thursday. I'm happy to be getting the colors out again after a long time of using only charcoal at the portrait sessions. 

I still see value in black and white sketches, though. (No pun intended!) That's why at Tuesdays session I used charcoal to make the following sketch:

12" x 9" Charcoal on Paper
For more about drawing sessions, go to "Labels" on the side bar and click on "sketching" or "drawing."

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Couple Days in Redrock Country

9" x 12" Oil on Panel
Last weekend was another trip to Southern Utah for me. This time I went to the southwest corner of the state. I was lucky enough to find a camping spot at a state park campground, and spend a couple days hiking and painting.

9" x 12" Oil on Panel
The weather was great. Blue skies and 70° F. during the day. Lizards were out enjoying the sun, as were Gambel's quail, antelope squirrels, ravens, jays, and a red-tailed hawk. A little chilly at night, but not cold enough for a frost. I was even able to enjoy a short hike in the desert late at night under the light of a brilliant full moon. There was never any need to get the flashlight out of my pack on that hike.

9" x 12" Oil on Panel
There were three different pochade boxes, and a couple 11" x 14" panels packed in the car, but I ended up painting exclusively with a 9" x 12" pochade box. It just seemed to suit me for those two days. The paintings shown in this post were made on that trip.